Push notifications allow your users to receive important updates from your website/blog even if they are not currently on your website, this helps in bringing them back to your website and ultimately results in increased engagement.


You Need Better Videos to Attract and Engage Your Visitors… and Stop Them from Leaving. Our customers stopped paying $10 – $199 per royalty free video instead pay us once for unlimited access to 6,000 FHD royalty free videos.

I’ve easily saved several thousand dollars by not having to purchase individual stock videos for my various niche websites and landing pages. I haven’t spent another dollar since I discovered Stockocity. I paid once and anytime I need a new video, I just log in and find what I need. No extra fees or hidden gotchas!  To be honest… after I used just two videos from Stockocity, my one-time membership cost paid for itself.

James Mauro

stockocity... "I’ve easily saved several thousand dollars"

Social Studio FX saves me so much time and the results are very professional. If you manage many social media accounts as I do, you will appreciate the ability to update header images, post pic’s, and every other type of graphic you need all at one sitting, with the same look and feel for consistent branding. Before Social Studio FX, i had to print out and refer to a chart that provided all the ever-changing dimensions for every type of graphic you could possibly need. Easy, intuitive and powerful all in one tool – you can’t go wrong with Social Studio FX!

Miles Austin

"Easy, intuitive and powerful all in one tool - you can't go wrong with Social Studio FX"

I can’t believe this is true! Video is essential in marketing today, but before Stockocity, the prices have caused a lot of pain for a lot of users – myself included. I’m glad to see you making video accessible for everyone.

Ted Ciuba

stockocity... "making video accessible for everyone"

I love the ease of use designing professional looking book covers and will highly recommend this software to anyone planning to publish their own books or to help authors designing covers for them.

Dag Ronhovde

pixelstudiofx ... "best book cover design software"